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RealCube Software for Estate Agents Testimonials


Alistair - Branch Manager

This system has revolutionised the way we work, my team are far more productive and I can manage the office and see what’s going on wherever I am. There is far less ‘dead time’ as my valuers and negs can access the system wherever they are and we can list houses and sell them more quickly. The web upload is now a live feed rather than an ftp upload which means that when we change it in the office it changes on our website. This helps keep our clients happy.


Steve - Valuer

I am usually out of the office for most of the day and used to have to come back into the office to put houses on the market or to get client phone numbers. With this system I can get access to client records wherever I am, put their house on market from their home or in the comfort of my own when I get back in the evening.


Nikky - Negotiator

The system has been designed in a way that even a novice can find their way round it. It has workflows for most everyday tasks such as arranging a viewing or taking an offer. This system is much quicker than previous software i've used and doesn'’t rely on the speed of our broadband connection.


Mark- IT-Director

This system gives us the best of both worlds,– speed and reliability in the offices and the flexibility to work and get management information from home or on the run. RealCube allows our website providers access to web services so they have direct access to our property data and links to assets on our file system. This means that we no longer have any problems with clients saying that their property is missing or showing incorrectly. This offers huge advantages over other systems on the market where you end up with a copy of all data and assets delivered via FTP. This method is highly prone to failure at multiple points. The system has many great selling points over the competitors and certainly we'd recommend it to other agents as it makes our lives easier and is better all round.