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The Real Cube Story

We see things differently; our management team is a powerful blend of some of the UKs top estate agents and talented and experienced software architects and developers who can produce the technical implementation. We are not ex-estate agents or letting agents playing at the software industry and we thoroughly understands the sector and its modern day challenges.

You’ll find that our software will be developed in a professional manner with the software development lifecycle utilised properly, and not like the cowboy coders who have written some of the existing software packages with little or no experience in the industry. From our prospective, we have taken what’s best from the web systems and what’s best from desktop systems and combined them together.

So to summarise our best features:

  • Scales to any number of users (Any company size, any number of employees)

  • Real-Time Property sharing

  • Desktop based (Speed, Experience and Security) and/or Web based (work from anywhere)

  • Reliable (No VPNs, Database Replication, CDs via the post)

  • On Premise and In the Cloud (Best of both worlds)